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What is the Activity API?

The PactSafe Activity API is a system designed purely to accept & retrieve the minimum amount of information required to determine what your customers have or have not agreed to. It's designed for maximum up-time, speed, and reliability. It is also an asynchronous service that our Javascript library uses when being included on a web or mobile app. You can simply cURL the URL with the correct parameters to call our system.

The Activity API relies on 3 main data structures to function: _ps, Sites, and Groups. The _ps is a global object that can be used to schedule asynchronous tasks and status updates of the API itself. Sites are created by users of PactSafe using the PactSafe app and contain Groups, or collection points, that will be presented to the end signer. Each data structure fires a variety of events. The API also supports using actions both synchronously and asynchronously.

The Activity API exposes a super fast, highly available API. The purpose of this API is exclusively to manage 3 things:

  • Determine in super real-time whether or not your user has agreed to the latest version of a contract
  • Retrieving the versions and revisions of a Contract your Signers have agreed to
  • Sending activity ("Signed", "Visited", etc.) in real time within a web or mobile app

All PactSafe Activity can be passed as an HTTP GET call to the endpoints and the parameters passed as URL parameters.

The endpoint for the PactSafe Activity API is


Authenticating to the Activity API requires the use of a Site Access ID (note this is different from the REST API which uses an Access Token that's tied to a user).

You can locate the Site Access ID by going in to your user profile and access Settings.

The Site Access ID can be found under Account -> Site Settings -> Access ID

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What is the Activity API?

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