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What is it?

Our REST API is a comprehensive set of APIs to connect to PactSafe for things like creating or versioning contracts, updating user information, sending contracts manually, and more.

When should I use it?

Here are some examples for when you'd want to use our API:

  • You need to retrieve the content of a Contract stored in PactSafe.
  • You want to send a Contract to an individual for electronic signature.
  • You want to retrieve or update metadata about a contract like tags, name, or description.
  • You want to update a user's login details.
  • You want to retrieve detailed activity for a signer.

Where do I learn more?

Check out our REST API docs for more information. There are a lot of amazing resources to help you get started–including sample code, the API explorer, and more.
The rest API exposes CRUD operations on all of the core PactSafe resources. We follow conventional RESt methods and protocols using POST (create), GET (retrieve), PATCH (update), and DELETE (delete).

All data is sent and received as JSON, and all requests require an OAuth Access Token for authorization. An OAuth Access Token can be created for your user by creating one in your account.

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