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Common Data Structures in PactSafe

Within PactSafe, there is a set of data structures to consider when interacting with the API that will help you formulate the ideal integration:


  • Any person or organization identified by any unique identifier to your company that is accepting documents
  • Can accept contracts via clickwrap through a series of events we call activities


  • An event that’s logged for a Signer against a given Contract Version and, optionally, a Group.
  • Common types of events include:
    • Visited - A specific Signer viewed a clickwrap contract(s)
    • Displayed - An individual viewed the full text of the clickwrap contract (usually by clicking on the link in the clickwrap)
    • Agreed - A specific Signer agreed to a clickwrap contract(s)
    • Disagreed (optional) - A specific Signer disagreed to a clickwrap contract(s).
    • Custom Event - Additional custom events are available for optional use


  • Can have many versions that are drafted and published
  • Has both a latest_version and a published_version (if a version has been published)


  • Can contain one or more contracts to present to an individual for review and acceptance


  • All Signers, Contracts, and Activities live within a Site, which a Site lives within an Account
  • An Account can have many Sites which act as a sub-tenant within your environment. One Site is your default, which controls how a Contract can be shared across an Account.

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Common Data Structures in PactSafe

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