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Activity vs REST API

PactSafe APIs

PactSafe offers two different methods for integrating via API.

  • Activity API - A legal microservice located at that is dedicated to supporting legal acceptance tracking for online legal terms. The Activity API is highly responsive because it is solely dedicated to handling these types of transactions. The Activity API is used to track acceptance of clickwrap agreements with PactSafe's Scale product.

  • REST API - Traditional API that offers a comprehensive set of APIs to connect to PactSafe for things like powering tradition eSignature-like workflows, pulling in additional data that may not be available via the Activity API about a configuration item (i.e. Contract) or transaction, and managing any PactSafe configuration element. The entire PactSafe UI is built on top of the PactSafe REST API. The REST API can be used to capture the acceptance of agreements in embedded eSignature flows and when sending an agreement for acceptance using a PactSafe delivery method such as email, SMS, or chat.

Authentication - A key difference to be aware of between our Activity and REST APIs is that the REST API requires an API access token to be included in the header for all REST API calls. The Activity API requires what we refer to as a Site Access ID for authentication which should be included as a query parameter for all Activity API calls.

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Activity vs REST API

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