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Clickwrap & Acceptance Tracking

PactSafe is 100% API-first in how we’ve architected our system to support API-driven use cases like managing acceptance for your online legal terms. Our API allows for quick and easy integration to ensure that the latest online terms are always presented and acceptance is captured in a few simple calls. First we’ll start with the basics in explaining the data structure, integration flow with calls that you will make, and we’ll provide some suggestions for the roll-out.

PactSafe Clickwrap

PactSafe offers a fully comprehensive clickwrap solution for managing acceptance of online legal terms. A clickwrap is a digital prompt that offers individuals the opportunity to accept a digitally mediated policy (oftentimes this is a company’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).

Clickwrap is often presented in the form of a checkbox asking an individual to explicitly acknowledge their agreement to the digitally mediated policy(s). In other cases, a clickwrap is presented without a checkbox stating that by taking an action (i.e. clicking a button) an individual is implicitly acknowledging their agreement. In both cases, the clickwrap contains a link(s) to the digitally mediated policy(s) giving the individual an opportunity to review before consenting.

Electronic Records of Contract

In order to enforce the legal terms accepted on your web and mobile apps, PactSafe offers an API and integration that will enable the generation of records by your legal team. Metadata from the acceptance of terms is assembled into an Electronic Record of Contract which can be generated on-demand from the PactSafe dashboard.

The key elements that need to be consistently tracked across all deployed clickwrap agreements are:

  • Who signed
  • Which contracts and what versions were accepted
  • When they were accepted
  • Additional optional (but recommended) metadata related to the transaction (IP address, name, company, title, etc.)

The Electronic Record of Contract itself is a legally binding, tamper-proof record stored within the PactSafe platform that proves that a customer entered into a legally binding contract with your company. These records will be available to generate at any time by your legal team via a simple search within Pactsafe to locate and generate the record on demand.

Electronic Record of Contract Components

  • Contract Title
  • Contract Version Number
  • Contract Version Unique ID - UUID generated for each version of a contract
  • Signer ID - Unique identifier of the person that accepted the contract
  • Date/Time of acceptance
  • IP Address
  • User Agent - Identifies device type (mobile/desktop), OS, browser, and page details

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Clickwrap & Acceptance Tracking

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